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Bali Adventure Dive, from     Rp. 850.000,00
Bali Diving - Visit our Island to see one of the famous Creatures in the World..

Let face it, one of thing most of us like about diving & Marine Adventures is a fun, see other thing in underwater where could not see at surface. If you have not diving yet we are cure for you. One of interesting object is Mola-Mola. In Bali for example chances of sighting the mola mola are highest in mid July through September.
Please find
detail as below :

July : 13th - 18th and 28th - 31th
August : 01st - 03rd and 11th - 16th, 26th - 31th
September : 10th - 115th and 25th - 30th
October : 09th - 14th
hey appear to frequent Nusa Lembongans Blue Corner point and crystal bay near Nusa Penida area. The water temperatures about 18C at 27C. A full moon and no moon, as the best day for the amazing fishes ( Mola Mola ) to appears in a big group are 3 days before until 2 days after.

Diving with Mola- Mola is an enigmatic experience beside of Mola -Mola, you also could see lot off Manta Ray! So make sure that you wont miss this great opportunities

Bali Diving is an adventure which will capture your imagination. The sea is full of types, color and sizes of fish which are too numerous to count. The fish, corals and plant life will amaze you. This is the last frontier on Earth to explore.

The challenge of diving in Bali and discovering the world of color and diversity under the sea is a fun and healthy sport. in Bali Dive Site You can feel the exhilaration as you slip beneath the surface and all of the magic wonders are there to amaze you. Your beautiful aquatic surrondings can be so very interesting that at times your will not want to come back to land.
Ena Dive Center & Marine Adventures is Scuba Diving center with A 5 Star Gold Palm PADI Resort, PADI Dive Course and Bali dive travel in Bali, Indonesia, We have friendly English, Japanese and Indonesian speaking guides and staff who will be very happy to give all the information, We have been running our dive center for more than 24 years and we have become one of the biggest Bali diving center. Ena Dive team is trained to the highest standard of full responsibility as well as having insurance coverage and PADI standard

Diving Area and Cost for minimum 2 person. Regular Prices:
Sanur at US$ 55.00/person
Nusa Dua at US$ 57.00/person
Padang Bay at US$ 100.00/person and by boat at US$ 125.00/person
Tulamben at US$ 90.00/person
Topekong by boat at USD 150.00/person
Amed at US$ 95.00/person
Menjangan Island at US$ 135.00/person
Nusa Penida at US$ 130.00/person
Manta point at US$ 145.00/person
Malibu point at US$ 150.00/person
Turtle point at US$ 150.00/person
Batu Point at US$ 150.00/person

There are special rates for diving more than 2 person.

Butterfly, Angel, Lion, Clown, Moorish idol, surgeon, trumpet, squid, porcupine, octopus, jack, damsel fish, Puffer, moray eel, grouper, scrawled, sergeant major, trigger, jackknife, stingray, bluefish.
Anemone, father duster worm, sponge, crinoid, starfish, sea fan, corals of all varieties.
At Tulamben there is the wreck of the US liberty ship from the 2nd world war


* Transportation sea and land
* Diving guide
* Diving equipment : 2 full tank and wigh belt
* Sanur and Nusa Dua only 1 full tank (1 dive)
* Snorkeling equipment (Fin+masker+Snorkel) for snorkeler
* Lunch box and Soft drinks
* Insurance
* Non Diver follow the same program diver


* Regulator US$ 8.00 BCD, US $ 8.00 Wet suit US $ 7.00/day
* Extra Dive US $ 32.00 / Dive
* Night Dive US $ 55.00 / Dive
* Nitrox Dive US $ 7.00 / Tank
* Under Water Light, US $ 6.00/day
* Prescription Mask US $ 6.00/day
* Mask + Snorkel US $ 2.00/day
* Fin + Boots US $ 3.00/day


Dive Boats
The ENA DIVE CENTER has 2 big Outrigger Boats for up to 18 divers for Nusa Penida and up 25 divers for Sanur and Nusa Dua area with Yamaha Engine 85 HP each, 2 speed boat with twin Yamaha engine, 115 HP each, it is suitable for Dolphin and fishing tour, also can be used for Diving at Nusa Penida area.

- One dive in Sanur, lunch box not included US $ 80.00 per person
- One dive in Nusa Dua, lunch box not included US $ 84.00 per person
- Two dives in Amed or Tulamben, Padang Bay US $ 123.00 per person
- Two dives in Menjangan, US $ 162.00/pax
- Two dives in Nusa Penida area, US $ 152.00 /pax
- One tank pool and open water in Sanur :US $ 109.00 per person
- One tank pool and open water in Nusa Dua US $ 104.00 per person
- Tour includes : All equipment, transportation sea & land and Istructor / Dive Master
- Snorkeling and Trekking in Nusa Penida US $ 104.00 per person
- Introductory 1 dive & Trekking US $ 133.00 per person
- Snorkeling and Turtle Breeding island tours US $ 137.00 per person

Rafting     Rp. 700.000,00
White water Rafting
RAFTING at USD 70.00 nett/person Included tax and service as well the Insurance, pick Up and Return Transfer, Refreshment(=Mineral water), 16km Rafting, Buffet Lunch, use of standard facilities (=shower room, locker and towel)
Rates include share pick up and return transfers at each area: Denpasar Center, Sanur, Kuta, Seminyak,
Jimbaran, Nusa Dua & Ubud exclude North Ubud area: (Aston Nandini, Hanging Garden & surrounding the Hotel area)

White water rafting is not suitable for pregnant women or people with back or heart problems
An accident insurance premium :
1 Death or loss of life maximum US$ 100,000 / person
2 Permanent disability maximum US$ 100,000 / person
3 Medical Expenses maximum US$ 7,500 / person

Rafting at some times will cancel activity (by informing the Travel Agent/guests) depends on wind, weather and river condition which is not safety for customer and it will no charges to the customers / refund payment.

Tame The Wild
Your escaped begins when the transport vehicle stops at the launching point in Rendang Village, where rafts lined the riverside.

To the background music of the splashing, rushing river, the staff will help you choose your life jacket and helmet, techniques and safety codes.

Riding the tiger
"Paddle forward! Backward!"
you follow the orders of your captain-instructor and learn how to navigate the numerous obstacles with your crew.

Conquer Bali's longest and most scenic river-rafting route, 16 km of exciting grade 3 & 4 rafting. Your 2.5 hour adventure finishes at Tangkup Village, with facilities for showering and changing out of wet clothes. Relax over a tasty lunch in the Panorama Cafe.
Harmony with nature
The area around Telaga Waja river is surrounded by untamed nature. The traditional life style of the local villagers helps them to coexist with the river in harmony.

Bali International Rafting, established in 1995, follows sound ecological principles to nurture the relationship with the village and surroundings. Care has been taken to build the dining pavilion, shower room, and a staff of beaming local villagers will be benefit from your trip on the river.
Bact to nature
The spring-fed Telaga Waja river flows through wild tropical jungle past towering trees and vines, creating a thrilling beginer - class rafting course.

The water extremely clear, and flows around numerous hairpin curves along the 16 km course. Enjoy navigating numerous rapids and steering clear of the rocks. Paddle right under a natural waterfall shower, and discover all the thrills and action that this dynamic rafting course offers.
You're covered
It takes a good team to tame the tiger.
Ensure you experience the highlight of your holiday. Our professional outdoor guides are fluent in both English and Japanese and trained to the highest international standards in safety and optimum use of our state-of-the-art equipment.

We aim to keep our 100% safety record while ensuring you enjoy the wildness of this primal adventure, letting loose your own hero within!

Seawalker by Club Aqua     Rp. 800.000,00
Soft adventure of enjoying the marine life
Allow everyone to enjoy the marine life
with minimum equipment and minimum fuss!
1. After change into your swimsuit, then it's off to Seawalker station, it takes only 3 minutes from the beach.
2. Stay calm, our staffs will serve you well, and you don't have to worry about anything!
Fresh air is constantly supplied from a hose to the helmet
3. You go down the stairs to the bottom of the sea while seeing the wild fish surrounding you.
4. With our unique helmet design, you can get face-to-face with the sea-life and be able to take
a breathe the same as you do on the surface.
You do not even get your hair wet and also still can wear your glass or contact lense
Seawalker Package 1: USD 80.00 nett/person inclusive of government tax & service charge
Pick Up and Return Transfer, Refreshment(=Mineral water), 30minutes dive, Meals/Lunch, use of standard facilities (=shower room, locker, towel and booties) and Insurance

Rates include share pick up and return transfers at each area: Denpasar Center, Sanur, Kuta, Seminyak, Jimbaran, Nusa Dua & Ubud exclude North Ubud area: (Aston Nandini, Hanging Garden & surrounding the Hotel area)

Seawalker Package 2: USD 70.00 nett/person inclusive of government tax & service charge
Refreshment (=Mineral water), 30minutes dive, use of standard facilities (=shower room, locker, towel and booties) and Insurance

Terms and conditions
Rates are subject to change to include fuel surcharge
Childs rate is applicable for children whose age between 9 years old up to 11 years old
Seawalker at some times (depends on wind, weather and tide chart of water conditions) will be transfer some
guests to the pontoon thru other side of beach (transfer by Seawalker Transport) instead of normal depart from
Puri Santrian
Seawalker at some times will cancel activity (by informing the Travel Agent/guests) depends on wind, weather and tide chart water conditions which is not safety for customer and it will no charges to the customers / refund payment

SNORKELING     Rp. 650.000,00
Bali Snorkeling and trekking
Snorkeling is an adventurous experience, that will capture your interest and imagination. The countless array of beautiful fish and exotic plant life will amaze you as you explore the last great frontier on the earth. The challenge of snorkeling and discovering the " World Under Sea "for fun & relaxation. You will be fascinated by the wonders of the world on the surface of the waters. While harmoniously gliding with the quiet rhythm of the sea you can feel at one with your beautiful aquatic surroundings.


Sensible shoes are required for this one. You can trek up the hills and take in the great views from a modest elevation after some healthy exercise. Take 1.5 hours walk and photographic opportunities.
Area From Sanur
by Car (minutes) From Sanur
by Boat (minutes) Price per person
in US $
Tulamben 150 - $ 73,00
Amed 150 - $ 73,00
Nusa Penida - 60 $ 104,00


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